IT Consultant

Jasa Service kami meliputi:

  1. Networking Installation & Troubleshooting
  2. Hardware Checking / Hardware error free
  3. Virus Protection / Virus Free
  4. Repair System / Optimise System
  5. BackUp Data, Recovery Data, Sharing Data
  6. Service Computer, Monitor, Printer & Scanner
  7. Software Application Solution
  8. Semua service per/visit & per/trouble atau maintenance rutin
  9. Semua unit yang di service dapat dijemput & diantar (pick up & delivery service)

Produk Komputer kami meliputi:

  1. Penyediaan Hardware (perangkat keras): Parts Computer, PC Rakitan, PC Branded, Server, Notebook, LCD Projector, Monitor, Printer, Scanner, dll.
  2.  Penyediaan accessories dan perlengkapan komputer: Tinta, Toner, Infus Printer, Flash Disk, Continous Form, UPS, Speaker, Software Original, dll.
  3. Penyediaan Network Hardware: Network Camera CCTV, Wireless Network (WiFi & WAN), Switch Hub, Router, Modem ADSL, Database Server LAN External, dll.
  4. Semua produk dapat diantar sesuai permintaan (delivery service).

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